Meal is like phantom ,but remains in your heart.

Our meal is in simplicity ,but remains in your heart.

My origin of cuisine is my grandmother.
Since I was in elementary school ,I helped her by making croquettes together and so on.
This is how I realized joy of cooking.
Also it has been over 30 years have already passed since I became a chef.
Still present , my basic cooking style is spending long time.
I stand the kitchen still today ,hoping my meal becomes your special dish which remains in your heart.
Thank everything with all my heart.


Chef:Noboru Nakada

Born in 1962
He graduated from Abeno-tsuji culinary school .
And he served all rolls at restaurant Konishi which is long-established French restaurant in Toyama pref.
1988 He went France. He trained French cuisine at Caveau Morakopf in Alsace.
1992 He ran Alsace cuisine restaurant for 10 years in Toyama city.

Then , he experienced various things in order to cook dashi and squirrel and so on.
Because he realized depth of Japanese food.

2005 On Sep
He constructed “Chikujian-Nakada”which was opened only for 1001days in Shibuya.

2009 On Jun
We opened “Gentoushi-Nakada”.And here we are.

2012 In Kyoto
He served as an adviser at Shimogamo-saryo for 2years.
His hobby are playing violin,doing Kyudo and kickboxing.


Sommelier:Sekiko Yamashita

Born in Toyama pref.
She trained patisserie at Le cordon bleu.
She got license of sommelier and cigar manager.
Her hobby is playing an Okarina.


Dashi which is made from dried bonito and kelp

Eau de vie is ‘Water of soul’ in French.
Our chef ripes pure kelp from Osatube(Hokkaido) and boiles the kelp with water for one hour and half.
When he finds taste from the hot water.
Also,he adds new dried bonito and simmers them till 90℃.
After a minute, he filters them.
The essence of taste and sweetness. This is Nakada’s eau de vie.


Aged house made miso

Every year,in September ,new soy beans from Hokkaido ‘Turunoko’sell.
Our chef made housemade miso by using these soy beans,solt and malt.
For a half year, he fermated them at normal temperature and he riped them in refrigerater.Now we use miso matured for 9years , and solt melt completely.
The miso id more taster than anything.



We use rice from Nigata pref.at Kayamori farm.
The rice’s taste is different because the ways of raising rice are different depending on a father and the son at Kayamori farm.
And the both of rice are, of cource,good ,and , in particular our favorite rice is the father’s Koshihikari.
(Koshihikari is a brand of rice)


Ozaki beef

(matured Ozaki female beef’s fillet)We use only matured Ozaki feamele beaf’s filet.
In addition,OzakiBeaf’s ‘Ozaki’is producer’s name.
Ozaki beaf are sipped only 30cattles a month.The way of rising cattles are long-term.
You can enjoy the fillet which we roasted slowly by low temparture over 3hours.Also we do not rely on Sashi.


Taiwan oolong tea

Taiwan oolong tea
We choose tea of master whose name is Mr.Tei’s tea leaves at speciality of Taiwan oolong tea shop. We compered a lot of kinds of tea.
As a result , we decided to choose Tei’s leaves.These tea leaves were got gold prize in Taiwan and became famous and the price is getting high,so it is difficult for us to get these tea leaves.
We put these tea leaves in crushed ice for 48hours and we slowly extract taste of these leaves.These tea leaves made our concept of tea overtuned.



We mainly serve Edo era’s cutleries.
Also, we serve vintage Baccarat , precise ivory chopsticks and chopsticks’s rest of
Georg Jensen’s 100th anniversary. And forks and spoons which we serve are from U.K. in 1930’s .
Our modern cutleries are by Ecchu Seto ware and sake glasses that we serve are by Taizo Yasuda.

The best hospitality with ultimate special fondness.


At our restaurant ,we call the dishes served in a bowl umami.
In taste, there are five senses,bitter,sour,sweetness,salty, and umami which was found in Japan.
Also,at our restaurant trait , trait of dashi is pure seaweed from Hokkaido and fleshly shaving dried bonito from Kagoshima pref.Nakada boils them in pan without flavor.


Fresh foie gras pickled in “Platina” sake lees.

We pickled foie gras into the less of mixture which is Masuizumi that is sake from Toyama pref. and top quality sake “Platina” for over 2weeks.These taste touching.



We specially ordered this Hagama which is rice maker at ancient times.
And we put on a Himalayan rock salt as a weight on Hagama.
The Himalayan rock salt is over 30,008,000years ago as a bullet.
Also,we cook rice in front of customers.


It means happiness in your eyes and pleasure in your tongue.

This phrase is from a descendant of Samurai. When he had all dishes , he commented this phrase, this is how we named small dessert.

Special bacons and banana cakes which Nakada trained and learned in Alsace.

Galician pork bacon

Nakada makes bacon with Galician pork from Spain.
He matures pork belly(the pigs eats chest nuts)with about 20kinds of spices .And he smokes them. These bacons are “Nakada original bacons”.


Ingot banana cakes

Nakada uses a bunch of ripe banana and half a pond free-salty butter for each one in order to make the cake. It looks ingot and massive. If you have this cake ,you should get a feeling of fullness.

【About Gentoushi-Nakada】
    Gentoushi-Nakada is located in the quiet basement of condominium.Chef Nakada values the basic.Though his dishes are unique.He perfectly balances Japanese and French cooking techniques
    Please make a reservation through your hotel concierge.

※Please tell us if you have any allergies or any foods that you dislike.

■ Our cancellation policy

※Should you wish to cancel your booking or change the number of guests, please give us 24 hours notice.
Thank you.
※If the cancellation is not announced at all, we will charge you the full amount.

■ Requests from Gentoushi Nakada

※ Including the restraunt , Please refrain from smoking inside the building.

【Opening hours】
    Open6:00PM-8:30PM (last order)
【Regular holiday】
    Sunday and holidays are closed
【Seating capacity】
    6 seats at the chef’s table / 1 private room (2-6 people)
    Arisugawa National Court B1, 2-1-20 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046, Japan GoogleMAP
    We accept credit cards.(VISA, AMEX, Diners, JCB etc)