Chef:Noboru Nakada

Born in 1962
He graduated from Abeno-tsuji culinary school .
And he served all rolls at restaurant Konishi which is long-established French restaurant in Toyama pref.
1988 He went France. He trained French cuisine at Caveau Morakopf in Alsace.
1992 He ran Alsace cuisine restaurant for 10 years in Toyama city.

Then , he experienced various things in order to cook dashi and squirrel and so on.
Because he realized depth of Japanese food.

2005 On Sep
He constructed “Chikujian-Nakada”which was opened only for 1001days in Shibuya.

2009 On Jun
We opened “Gentoushi-Nakada”.And here we are.

2012 In Kyoto
He served as an adviser at Shimogamo-saryo for 2years.
His hobby are playing violin,doing Kyudo and kickboxing.


Sommelier:Sekiko Yamashita

Born in Toyama pref.
She trained patisserie at Le cordon bleu.
She got license of sommelier and cigar manager.
Her hobby is playing an Okarina.