The best hospitality with ultimate special fondness.


At our restaurant ,we call the dishes served in a bowl umami.
In taste, there are five senses,bitter,sour,sweetness,salty, and umami which was found in Japan.
Also,at our restaurant trait , trait of dashi is pure seaweed from Hokkaido and fleshly shaving dried bonito from Kagoshima pref.Nakada boils them in pan without flavor.


Fresh foie gras pickled in “Platina” sake lees.

We pickled foie gras into the less of mixture which is Masuizumi that is sake from Toyama pref. and top quality sake “Platina” for over 2weeks.These taste touching.



We specially ordered this Hagama which is rice maker at ancient times.
And we put on a Himalayan rock salt as a weight on Hagama.
The Himalayan rock salt is over 30,008,000years ago as a bullet.
Also,we cook rice in front of customers.


It means happiness in your eyes and pleasure in your tongue.

This phrase is from a descendant of Samurai. When he had all dishes , he commented this phrase, this is how we named small dessert.